KJK Attorneys Hannah Albion and Ali Arko Featured in The Licensing Journal, January 2024 Edition

February 2, 2024

KJK attorneys Hannah Albion and Ali Arko were recently featured The Licensing Journal, Volume 44, Issue 1, January 2024 edition. The Licensing Journal, published by Wolters Kluwer, is a premier resource for leaders in the intellectual property and entertainment communities.

In their article titled “How to Protect Your Brand From Competitors in the New Year,” Albion and Arko delve into the strategies competitors use to hurt leading brands, the types of legal claims a brand owner might have against a competitor seeking to gain an unfair advantage, and immediate steps you can take to safeguard your brand’s interests in advance of an attack.

If you’re a brand owner facing attacks from competitors, there are legal remedies available:

“Attorneys can assist brand owners before, during, and after an attack.  While a brand may be able to handle marketplace monitoring and reputational audits internally within marketing departments, high volumes of infringement may necessitate involvement of an attorney.

When a brand owner discovers suspect or infringing conduct, they have a variety of enforcement options. For example, a brand owner can report infringing conduct to e-commerce or social media platforms, send takedown demands to competitors, or take legal action. By working with attorneys who focus on brand protection and internet content removal attorneys, brand owners can evaluate and assessing enforcement options while maintaining the strong reputations they worked so hard to attain.

Brand owners should keep in mind that suspect product description or review necessitate quick action. An attorney can assist in taking quick, strategic action to protect your brand.”

You can read the full article, as originally published on our website here.

About Hannah Albion

Hannah Albion is a talented attorney who serves a pivotal role in KJK’s Brand Enforcement and Internet Defamation teams. She employs a meticulous approach to brand enforcement, utilizing innovative tactics to counsel companies in developing and safeguarding their brand names, online reputations, and intellectual property rights, as well as providing solutions to combat deceptive market manipulation tactics on e-commerce platforms. Hannah successfully obtains effective, cutting-edge resolutions for clients facing internet based issues that arise in the challenging legal landscape. You can contact Hannah at hra@kjk.com.

About Ali Arko

Alexandra (Ali) Arko leads KJK’s nationally recognized Internet Defamation and Content Removal group, focusing on reputation management through the removal of defamatory and negative Internet content. She is an experienced litigator with an entrepreneurial spirit, utilizing her technical marketing background to devise and attain creative results for her clients, who range from businesses to executives and celebrities. Ali’s innovative approaches to non-traditional legal issues places her at the forefront of the rapidly evolving legal landscape as it pertains to internet issues. You can contact Ali at ala@kjk.com.


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