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The KJK GC Advantage Program

KJK GC Advantage gives your business embedded, best-in-class legal support whenever you need it – for peace of mind at a predictable price.

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About the Program

What is the KJK GC Advantage?

KJK GC (General Counsel) Advantage is a program that offers businesses from startups to SMEs comprehensive operational legal support for a set monthly fee. Matched with the experience of our more than 100-year-old, full-service law firm, our GC Advantage partners enjoy embedded, trusted legal support that includes general corporate and business services, IP and transactional, employment, compliance and more.

We serve as our clients’ partners in business, not just their lawyers. 

We act as an internal resource you can count on for trusted support at both an operational and strategic level, enhancing your existing team to help you make better decisions and keep your business operating profitably, smoothly and efficiently. Cost certainty, open access and predictability are just the icing on the cake. 

The KJK GC Advantage program gives you peace of mind knowing your projects will be handled quickly and efficiently, maximizing the return on investment on your legal spend. At the same time, we help mitigate the risk of problems you might not even be aware of – and help you create solutions to the risks already on your dashboard – because you have enough to worry about as it is. 

Common Business Problems
KJK GC Advantage Solutions

Unpredictable, Out of Control Spend

Predictable Pricing with Flat Monthly Fees

Unknown / Unmanaged Risk

Managed Risk


Housekeeping Fundamentals/Proactive, Responsive Team

Insufficient Operational Support

Timely and Robust Operations via Legal Embedded Support

Out of Compliance

Industry Best Practices via Customized Approach

Legal and Business Issues are Siloed and Unconnected Consistent, Responsive, Embedded, On-Demand Internal Legal Resource
Demetrius Robinson Columbus Tax Attorney Columbus Corporate Attorney

“Owning a business is unpredictable. Running it doesn’t have to be. Add the KJK GC Advantage to help power your team without worrying about racking up unexpected legal fees.”

— Demetrius J. Robinson

Partner, KJK GC Advantage Program

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Included Services

After we complete our initial business discovery review, we will work with you to identify the specific services we would include in your GC Advantage engagement along with the right-sized budget. Our goal is to work with you to identify the areas where critical operational support will be most valuable to you, while identifying additional as-needed services necessary to support you and your team.

Formation and Registered Agent Services (Ohio)


  • Articles of Incorporation or Organization
  • Bylaws or Code of Regulations
  • Initial Board Meeting and Organization Support

Limited Liability Companies:

  • Initial Draft Opening Agreement
  • Board of Managers Development (where applicable)
Operational Legal Support
  • Day-to-day operational commercial contracting support
  • Participation in company proposals and transactional strategies
  • Support company efforts to cultivate and protect proprietary technology and related intellectual property in commercial agreements
  • Day-to-Day General Corporate Governance
  • Board and Investor Advice
  • Conflict of Interest Policy and Support
Creditors' Rights
  • Demand Letters
  • Proofs of Claim
  • UCC Registrations
  • Cybersecurity & Remote Work Policies
  • General Advice Around Secure Computing
  • Privacy Policies and Compliance
  • Data & Document Retention Policies
Employment Related Services
  • Offer Letters and Standard Form Employment
  • Standard Form Consulting and Advisory Agreements
  • Work-From-Home Policies
  • Employee Handbooks
  • General Advice Regarding Personnel Issues
  • Term Sheet Review and Cultivation
  • Early-Stage Finance Cultivation and Support
  • Capitalization Table and Investment Valuation Support
  • Assistance with investor outreach, discussions and negotiations
  • Pre-investment Counseling (pitch deck and due diligence readiness)
  • Assistance Sourcing Lines of Credit & Other Debt from Traditional Lenders
Intellectual Property
  • Invention review and strategic support, patentability counseling
  • Standard Form Outbound Licensing Development and Support (e.g., SAAS Agreements, Product Licensing)
  • Trade Secret Counseling and Program Support
  • Brand Counseling and Trademarks: Initial Review, Clearance, Registration & Maintenance
  • Copyright Review & Registration
  • Product Development Support
  • Intellectual Property Strategy
  • General Advice About Business Tax Issues
  • Support of Investor-Driven Tax Strategies
  • Incentive Compensation Plan and Program Development
Web & Internet
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policies
  • Regulatory Compliance Support
  • SaaS and Online Services Agreements (B2B and B2C)

We’ve Got you Covered:

Additional Benefits


Call or email your legal team with questions at no additional cost. Meet regularly to review status and discuss key priorities.

Comprehensive Services
at Your Fingertips

Utilize a full suite of services across multiple practice areas to support your business as a GC Advantage partner.

monthly team
check-in meetings

Our monthly check-in meetings provide dedicated time for us to connect with you to stay ahead of your business’ needs.

Board Meeting

We can join your board meetings to help run your meetings, flag critical legal issues for the board, serve as an impartial source of guidance and facilitate the governance process.

Learn How We are Able to Meet Your Diverse Legal Needs:

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“The expertise and peace of mind provided by the KJK GC Advantage team is unmatched. They have truly become an invaluable part of our business and instrumental to our success. We love that we can depend on Ted and the rest of the team whenever we need them with predictable pricing every month.”

KJK GC Advantage Program


Ted Theofrastous

Ted C. Theofrastous


Demetrius Robinson Columbus Tax Attorney Columbus Corporate Attorney

Demetrius J. Robinson


Ted Theofrastous

Kelsey F. Givens


Andrew Wilber

Andrew J. Wilber


Ted Theofrastous

Stephanie P. Balla


Demetrius Robinson Columbus Tax Attorney Columbus Corporate Attorney

Samantha M. Cira


Demetrius Robinson Columbus Tax Attorney Columbus Corporate Attorney

Chris G. Herrel


Ted Theofrastous

Emily L. Stoerkel


Demetrius Robinson Columbus Tax Attorney Columbus Corporate Attorney

Ankita Patel


Ted Theofrastous

Shannon M. Zeisig


We’re here for you:

KJK GC Advantage Program
Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I know if the KJK GC Advantage program is right for my business?

If you are looking for a true partner to help support your business (and take it to the next level), by helping you mitigate risks and grow, while avoiding the fear of racking up unexpected legal fees, then the KJK GC Advantage program is for you. You can get a better sense of whether we will be a fit by completing our discovery process. Feel free to contact us today to get started with your complimentary consultation.

What's Included?

The KJK GC Advantage program is focused on proactively supporting your business and tailored to fit your unique needs. From businesses just starting out to those that are well established, your customized GC Advantage plan provides comprehensive coverage for your day-to-day and ongoing needs.

As a KJK GC Advantage partner, you have access to legal services in areas including employment, corporate services, real estate, trademark, intellectual property and estate planning – all for a set monthly fee. We become a part of your team that you can trust. You never have to choose between picking up the phone when you need us and forgoing that call to avoid added expenses for your business. Besides comprehensive legal service, being a KJK GC Advantage partner means you also have access to unlimited communication with us at no additional cost.

DOes the Program cover every legal issue with my business?

The short answer: no. The KJK GC Advantage Program is focused on providing a wide selection of general corporate legal services to meet the day-to-day needs of your business. However, if an issue pops up that is out of scope, we still have you covered. We offer a full suite of services and a wide range of legal practice areas that are available to you at a discounted hourly rate.

How does the billing work?

KJK requires GC Advantage partners to agree to pay via ACH, charged automatically on the fifth of each month. If you are experiencing problems with billing, please email GCAdvantage@kjk.com and a member of our team will assist you. 


How Much does it Cost?

We take the time to get to know your unique needs to provide a custom-tailored program (and budget) for your business needs. Because no two businesses are the same, the monthly flat fee is dependent on multiple factors. Schedule a time to meet with us and we will design your custom engagement, while providing immediate feedback on the key legal needs of your business.


How soon can I Become a client?

After your complimentary consultation, our KJK GC Advantage team will prepare a proposal of anticipated legal needs and scope of work covered in the monthly flat fee. Once we decide the best plan for your business and the proposal and engagement agreement is signed, we will schedule your onboarding with our attorneys and project management team. It’s as simple as that!  

What if my business needs additional services beyond what's included?

The beauty of the GC Advantage program is that it allows you to manage what you can predict, while giving you access to the full force of KJK’s experienced legal team. When surprises (good or bad) arise, we will dynamically integrate additional legal experts into the mix to help you navigate through the unexpected.

All other services that fall outside of the program are billed on an hourly basis, including:

  • Litigation
  • Mediation & Arbitration
  • Equity Investments (e.g., pre-seed, seed and venture).
  • Intellectual Property protection (e.g., patent and trademark applications).
  • Employment disputes and related litigation
  • Mergers, acquisition, sale or dissolution of the company
  • Initial public offerings and related public transactions

Third-party costs, including governmental filing fees, are excluded from the monthly fee and will be billed and due as they are incurred.

How often will I have access to my attorney?

As a KJK GC Advantage partner, you can call or email your legal team any time with questions at no additional cost!

On your team. On your Time.

Top-Tier, embedded legal Support When you Need it, With No Unpredictable Fees

Ready to become a KJK GC Advantage partner? Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

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