KJK Attorneys Scott Norcross and Paige Rabatin Featured on Business of Esports Podcast

June 10, 2022

KJK Esports Attorneys Scott Norcross and Paige Rabatin were recently featured on the Business of Esports podcast. Commonly referred to as “The Official Podcast of Esports,” a new guest is featured each week to discuss their business experience and knowledge within the gaming industry. As esports attorneys, Scott and Paige explained their legal and consultation experience, the current state of esports centers and arenas, as well as their advice for current and prospective esports professionals.

Scott and Paige lead KJK’s internal Esports practice group, which provides legal solutions and guidance for individuals and businesses operating within the esports, entertainment and media fields.

Scott: “We’ve been with KJK for about three years now, and we came over really dedicated to starting an esports practice in the Midwest. We’re located in Cleveland, Ohio… Essentially [we] wanted to plant a flag in the Midwest and start a national esports practice and we had that opportunity given to us by KJK.”

When asked about their favorite aspects of working within the esports industry, Scott explained that the industry is constantly evolving and their focus has shifted over the last few years, mentioning:

Scott: “I would say the real estate and, sort of, land center arena side has really blossomed. That’s not to say that working with talent has not been a focus, but it has really exponentially grown… Paige and I are focused on how does that aspect generate revenue and how does it interact with the gamer?”

Historically, the documented growth within the gaming industry has been credited to gamers, themselves. However, in recent years, the gaming sector has witnessed investments and growth opportunities stemming from “non-traditional” and corporate backgrounds. Bringing together those two, otherwise separate, industries and facilitating profitable and successful relationships is what Scott and Paige regularly provide to their clients.

As the podcast host mentions, the best attorneys often serve as a critical asset beyond the scope of the legal landscape. Throughout Scott and Paige’s experience in the industry, the connections they have fostered have allowed for their continued growth and success, Paige explains:

Paige: We’ve been in this for so many years… half the time we’re not even doing traditional legal work anymore. We’re working with other groups; we’re working with other people that aren’t just within the [legal] realm. Yes, there’s the financial person we can put around you and all different things like that, but I’ve also matched people with photographers… architects. [Aspects] that people don’t even think about, but we’ve built those relationships and now we’re able to piece [them all] together.”

Listen to Scott and Paige’s full discussion here.