KJK Attorney Anna Bullock Discusses College Room Scans With Bloomberg Law

January 31, 2023

KJK attorney Anna Bullock recently sat down with Bloomberg Law reporter Skye Witley to discuss a recent legal dispute over Cleveland State University’s use of exam proctoring software. In August of 2022, the Northern District of Ohio issued a landmark ruling against CSU, deciding “room scans” were unconstitutional searches pursuant to the Fourth Amendment. Last week, CSU filed its appeal. Talking with Bloomberg Law, Anna elaborated on the possible outcome:

“The US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit’s eventual decision will become “cited in future lawsuits” regardless of the outcome, said Anna Bullock, an associate at Kohrman Jackson Krantz LLP practicing in education and technology law.


The ruling will have great potential weight concerning enforcement, Bullock said, noting that the argument “outlined supporting Aaron Ogletree’s position in this case is going to be recreated in cases involving different types of monitoring.”

Expanding on the wider implications of the ruling, Anna was quoted:

“If the district court’s decision is upheld, I believe that universities are going to be much more careful with their compliance efforts to ensure students are indicating consent to some of these anti-dishonesty measures,” Bullock said, adding that she thinks CSU will be hard-pressed to successfully overturn the decision.

Read the entire article, as originally published by Bloomberg Law, here.