Susan Friedman Discusses Multi-State Estate Plans with Cleveland Jewish News

March 31, 2022

Use attorney when considering multi-state estate plan

By Meghan Walsh | Cleveland Jewish News

When it comes to owning property in two different states, you may wonder how to manage these in your estate plans. Consulting with an estate planner can be very helpful in making sure that all of your properties are covered, making for a smoother transition for your inheritors.

Susie Friedman, a partner at KJK, and Gary Zwick, a partner at Walter | Haverfield, both in Cleveland, discussed best practices for ensuring multi-state estate plans are done correctly.

“If someone has real estate or other tangible property, maybe a boat, in another state, the best option would be to create a trust that can hold all their real estate,” Friedman advised. “They don’t necessarily need one for each state. They can assign or deed their property to the trust regardless of what state the property is in.”

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