KJK Attorney Paige Rabatin Featured on the Meta TV: Meta Woman Podcast

March 31, 2022

KJK Attorney Paige Rabatin was recently featured on the Meta Woman Podcast which features conversations with top women talent and business professionals in the gaming and crypto industries. The podcast, titled “One Big Rollercoaster Ride”, discusses Paige’s work as an esports attorney and her ongoing development of esports facilities and real estate, including projects in Elyria, Cedar Point, and Miami, Florida.

Paige plays a prominent role within KJK’s Esports, Media & Entertainment practice group, representing professional athletes and owners of esports ventures within the fast-growing industry. In her work to provide legal solutions & guidance for individuals and businesses operating within the esports industry, Paige has also recognized a personal connection and relationship with the work she is doing.

When asked about her decision to get into the esports industry, Paige had this to say:

“It helps when I like what I’m reading about, and like what I’m doing and who I’m interacting with… You have these great minds, people who are free spirits and they want to have fun and it’s not the “old boys’ club” where you have to do something a certain way. People are into doing new things and finding new possibilities. So, I’ve really enjoyed that aspect of my job and being able to transition [into] consulting and broaching that cross between: I’m a professional, but I get and I like this industry… I want to help [the esports industry] build and succeed and grow.”

Listen to the full conversation here.