Get to Know KJK Partner Sarah Gabinet

March 10, 2020

Sarah Gabinet

Over her 37 years in practice – 36 of which have been at KJK, Sarah Gabinet has become known among clients and coworkers alike as an effective domestic relations attorney who serves with compassion. Just don’t confuse that compassion for weakness. Sarah is also a competitor – and a tough one at that. Not only does she fight for her clients, she takes that competitive spirit onto the dance floor. And it was just a few years ago that she hung up her skates after playing for two decades on an ice hockey team.

Q: People might be surprised to learn you played ice hockey. How did you get into that?

A: I came from a hockey family! My dad, brother, nephew, son, brother-in-law – they all played hockey. I was a figure skater growing up. When my son was about 10, a group of us hockey moms decided to team up to play, so I switched from figure to hockey skates. It was my first time playing a team sport.

Q: Now your focus is on ballroom dancing? That’s a pretty big change.

A: Yes. About four years ago, we had some friends who had daughters getting married, and our son was going to be getting married. My husband and I took lessons with our friends. The friends quit but we loved it so much, we started competitive dancing. Now, I’m practicing ballroom at least three times a week, and I compete four to five times a year.

Q: How does that compare to your time on the rink?

A: It’s definitely better to put on hair and makeup and a gown than stinky, sweaty hockey pads.

Q: Why has ballroom become such an important part of your life?

Sarah Gabinet

A: Especially in my profession, you need something that takes your mind completely away from the stress of work. Ballroom takes lots of concentration.

Q: What do you like best about your job?

A: No two days are alike, and I believe I am providing calm and a sense of order in a very chaotic time in people’s lives.

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