Get to Know KJK Partner Brett Krantz

February 14, 2020

Brett Krantz

Brett Krantz just began his 30th year of practicing law. It’s a career he fought going into, initially wanting to carve a different path than all of the other lawyers in his family. Turns out, there’s no use fighting what’s in your blood. Brett has spent half of his career at KJK, and earned a reputation among clients as a trusted counselor and skilled litigator.

Outside of work, Brett and his family are passionate supporters of The Gathering Place. Additionally, Brett has served on the Board of Directors for Cleveland’s Mandel Jewish Community Center and Positive Education Program (PEP), an organization dedicated to helping children with severe mental health and behavioral challenges.

Brett is also an avid traveler, and has added to his travel resume thanks to his involvement in Meritas, an international network of highly vetted, independent law firms. Brett has helped KJK become one of the leading Meritas firms in the world, having served on the organization’s Membership Committee, Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Q: Why is KJK’s involvement in Meritas is so important?

A: Meritas gives our clients a reach throughout the U.S. and the world. It allows us to have a strong group of firms working together to provide our clients with quality legal services wherever they may need it. Meritas firms provide each other with 30 minutes of complimentary advice, so if our client has a question about an issue in a jurisdiction, we can get information for them efficiently.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being involved in Meritas?

A: Having the opportunity to learn about legal markets, legal innovation and issues impacting firms around the globe. Being on the Meritas Board and Executive Committee focuses me on understanding the differences in how legal work is done and how law firms are structured throughout the world. And traveling and meeting with the leaders of other Meritas firms provides the ability to share experiences and learn how they’re conducting business to help KJK grow.

Q: Speaking of traveling – what’s the best trip you’ve been on?Brett Krantz

A: New Zealand. I went there many years ago with a friend for my post-bar trip. We spent three months in the South Pacific. New Zealand has the most beautiful outdoor activity and stunning scenery you can imagine.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do on trips?

A: I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie. I’ve visited more than 40 amusement parks across the world. I’m happy to go on any ride with my kids at any time, anywhere. But as I get older, I prefer not to go on rides that spin.


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