KJK Welcomes Erika Apelis as Wealth & Estate Planning Partner

September 17, 2019

Erika ApelisKJK is pleased to announce the addition of Partner Erika Apelis to the firm’s Wealth & Estate Planning Group. Erika brings unique experience to the team, with a particular focus on Elder Law, as well as long-term care, Medicaid and special needs planning. She is passionate about advocating for individuals and families who cannot do so for themselves, largely due to her own personal experience with aging and illness in her family.

Prior to joining KJK, Erika ran a solo practice. Her ten-year background in law includes probate and business advisory services, as well as litigation related to Intellectual Property and investigations into corporate compliance. She also managed governmental, regulatory and antitrust investigations of financial services institutions, technology companies and construction companies.

Erika holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a Juris Doctorate from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. She is a member of the Cleveland Metropolitan and Ohio State Bar Associations, as well as the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys. Additionally, Erika is a member of Elderly Advocates, which provides advocacy and outreach for seniors and their families dealing with health care issues or long-term care, and volunteers with Give! Chagrin Valley Women’s League.

Outside of her law practice, Erika enjoys exploring the outdoors with her family on weekends and skiing in the winter. A resident of Chagrin Falls, Erika is fluent in Latvian and an active member of Cleveland’s Latvian community.

Contact Erika by email at efa@kjk.com or by phone at 216.716.5637.


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