KJK Announces New Brand Protection Practice Led by Partner David Posteraro and Associate Alex Jones

October 26, 2018

KJK is pleased to announce the launch of our Brand Enforcement Practice, led by Partner David Posteraro and Associate Alex Jones. The Brand Enforcement Practice helps companies protect their hard-earned company and product reputations from threats through services such as:

• Combating unauthorized online resellers. We’ve developed a system to thwart unauthorized
resellers that includes enforcement, uncovering resellers’ identities and pursuing various legal channels to shutdown these resellers.

• Brand development and exploitation. We ensure that your copyrights and trademarks are properly registered to protect your rights, and help you increase your brand’s visibility and reach in the marketplace.

• Protecting your domain name. We uncover and take action against imposters using domains that hurt your brand and divert traffic away from your site.

• Minimum Advertised Price Policies (MAP). We can create and implement a MAP policy that protects your brand and increases competition among authorized resellers.

• Counterfeit goods. We take action against companies creating counterfeit products overseas by preventing them from entering the U.S. marketplace.

To learn more, visit KJK’s Brand Enforcement Practice Group online or contact David Posteraro (drp@kjk.com or 216.736.7218) or Alex Jones (aej@kjk.com or 216.736.7241).

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