Esports, Media & Entertainment practice group

KJK’s Esports, Media & Entertainment attorneys provide legal solutions and guidance for individuals and businesses operating within the esports, entertainment and media fields.


Our attorneys represent entrepreneurs and individuals in the esports industry, facilitating contracts and negotiating deals to capitalize on the explosive growth in the esports ecosystem. We have deep experience managing, negotiating and drafting vendor, sponsor, media and league agreements. In addition, KJK’s experience with private equity and venture capital investments helps our esports clients raise capital when needed.

Attorneys in KJK’s Esports, Media & Entertainment Group assist their clients beyond the normal bounds of legal work. They have experience managing events, advising people in the industry and developing total rebrands. With each step a business takes, our attorneys have the skill and experience to offer outstanding legal services and a detailed plan to promote success and guide clients.

While it’s impossible to know exactly what kind of new developments the future will bring, our Esports, Media & Entertainment attorneys remain on the forefront, providing our clients with the real-time help and insight they need to thrive in the years to come.

High Praise

“Since Scott formed the team for us seven years ago, he has been with us every step of the way. Starting from our rookie year, we couldn’t have done it without him.”



Who We Serve

Amateur Players

Collegiate Players

Event Planners

Franchises & Owners


Professional Players



What We Do

Branding & Platform Establishment

Capital Raise & Investment

Content Protection

Digital Marketing

E-Business Development

Event Production/ Promotion

Franchise/Team Formation

Player Representation

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