Complimentary Service:

KJK Client App

KJK’s innovative service offerings include complimentary access to KJK’s proprietary Client App. The KJK Client App is a purposebuilt mobile and web application that is exclusively available to the firm’s clients. The App is fully customizable to the needs of all different types of clients, whether they are individuals who just need access to their estate plan or a business with hundreds of employees.  

We built the KJK Client App because we heard from clients that they wanted more anytime, anywhere access to their legal documents and needed help getting their legal universe streamlined and organized while keeping it secure. With 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption, you can be confident that your critical legal agreements are safely stored where you can find them when needed.  

Whether you need to access documents in a folder structure or navigate the many documents included in large closings – or simply want to keep corporate records meticulously organized, the KJK Client App is the solution you need. 

Our Client App Premium Features
  • system for sending out and tracking acknowledgment of your employee handbook, key HR documents and other critical business policies 
  • Matter tracking dashboards for litigation and real estate purchase transactions that keep everyone literally on the same page 

  • legal calendar that you can use to create reminders of upcoming legal deadlines, including contracts with strict cancellation and renewal provisions 

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