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At KJK, we understand that criminal cases have the potential to changes lives permanently. With any other legal challenge, those who are criminally charged risk losing their reputation, liberty, career and family, which is why with every client matter, regardless of size or complexity of the case, our clients receive a thoughtful and vigorous defense. Our criminal defense attorneys are passionate, hands-on and accessible to our clients, and guide them through the intricacies of the criminal justice system.

We represent clients in state and federal courts around the country. Our clients are business executives, medical professionals, college students, and men and women who find themselves in situations where their liberty is at risk in some of the most challenging periods in their lives. Over the years, KJK’s Criminal, Cyber & White Collar attorneys have become particularly experienced representing our most vulnerable clients with mental health and neurological disorders.

The criminal defense attorneys at KJK represent clients from the early stages of an investigation through trial and beyond, if necessary. Calling upon defense counsel early, we work to identify evidence that may help avoid prosecution. However, prosecution cannot always be avoided. When criminal charges are filed, we aggressively build a defense. Often, we work closely with highly respected experts who assist us in developing unique defenses. When a case cannot be resolved, our criminal defense attorneys have the experience and resources necessary to proceed to trial.

At times, the criminal justice system and civil law intersect. When they do, we have the ability to handle parallel proceedings. These proceedings include Title IX cases, professional licensing matters, domestic matters and employment disputes.

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