KJK Partner Susan Stone Discusses Rehabilitation in Juvenile Cases with CJN

April 16, 2024

KJK Partner Susan Stone recently shared insights with CJN, shedding light on the nuanced approach to juvenile rehabilitation within the legal landscape. In her conversation with CJN, Susan delved into the distinctive procedures and terminology involved, underscoring the pivotal role of rehabilitation and restoration in juvenile defense strategies.

“As criminal defense attorneys representing juveniles, it’s imperative to combat the ‘school-to-prison pipeline,” Stone emphasized. “It’s important to ensure that, given the circumstances, we set the juvenile on a productive path forward, one that allows them to make positive contributions to society.”

Certified in restorative justice, Susan has also guided students through informal resolution, including mediation and restorative justice. Susan’s talent as a student advisor has led to her representing Greek organizations and athletes, as well as other professionals accused of sexual harassment and misconduct. In instances where university-level resolutions falter, Susan has demonstrated her prowess in navigating state and federal courts nationwide, securing favorable outcomes for her clients.

“In every juvenile case, it’s crucial to thoroughly explore avenues for rehabilitation,” Stone said. “The primary objective of the juvenile system should prioritize rehabilitating young individuals rather than focusing solely on punitive measures.”

Read the full feature as published in CJN here.


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