KJK’s Ted Theofrastous Breaks Down Innovation and Development Partnership Strategies at EDGE’s InnoQuest Event

March 1, 2024

KJK attorney Ted Theofrastous recently led a working group meeting for EDGE’s InnoQuest group on “Industry Collaborations and Partnerships that Drive Innovation.” As Chair of KJK’s Intellectual Property & Technology and Startups & Capitalization practice groups, Ted shared practical strategies for successful partnerships in the innovation and technology sector, including issues ranging from IP management to governance and communication strategies.

The session included a panel discussion with Dustin Tyler, Director of the Human Fusions Institute at Case Western Reserve University and KJK clients, Dave Martin, Founder and President of Intwine Connect, and Onas Bolton, CEO of Octet Scientific.  In the session, Ted shared insights and strategies for cultivating successful partnerships in the realm of innovation and technology development (both between industry partners and working with university research partners). Drawing from his leadership roles within KJK, including chairing KJK’s GC Advantage Program, Ted highlighted the importance of establishing a solid foundation built on mutual understanding, alignment of goals and managed outcomes. His insights shed light on key considerations for mitigating risks and maximizing the potential for the success of innovation collaborations.

Working with InnoQuest

InnoQuest, a program tailored for business leaders managing innovation teams, aims to enhance approaches to successful innovation through a combination of practical skills, academic insights, peer knowledge sharing, virtual sessions, and unique experiences. KJK’s commitment to supporting startups and innovators in Northeast Ohio is evident through our collaboration with InnoQuest and MAGENT, offering assistance and guidance within the community.

About KJK

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