KJK Attorney Mark Rasch Discusses Device Seizure and Journalism Implications in Conversation with Columbia Journalism Review

August 11, 2023

In a recent interview, KJK attorney Mark Rasch engaged in a discussion with the Columbia Journalism Review. The conversation focused on the distinct challenges faced by members of the media in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape. The interview centers on the case of Tim Burke, a freelance journalist whose recent encounter with law enforcement raises fundamental questions about journalistic freedoms in the digital age. 

Mark Rasch, shedding light on Tim Burke’s situation and providing additional context for clarity, explains: 

“There’s a journalism part of this, and then there’s a technology part of this. Part of it is the question of who is a journalist, and what protections does a journalist have?” 

Rasch further emphasizes that while the First Amendment protects everyone, the nuances lie in the specific safeguards granted to those who gather and disseminate information for public consumption. 

To gain a deeper understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding digital journalism and Tim Burke’s case, read the full interview here.