KJK Partner Demetrius Robinson Shares Valuable Insights on Startups with 614 Startups Podcast

June 15, 2023

In a recent episode of the podcast 614 Startups, titled Never Legally Lacking, KJK Tax Partner Demetrius Robinson sat down with host Elio Harmon, offering his extensive knowledge and experience on crucial aspects of startups, including brand name selection, equity, startup laws, tax laws and forming an LLC. Demetrius also provided valuable insights into his involvement with KJK’s GC Advantage program and the significance of establishing strong client-attorney partnerships for startups. 

To begin the podcast, Demetrius was asked about the firm’s GC Advantage program and what it offers to startups. Expressing his enthusiasm for the GC Advantage program, Demetrius stated:

“I get pretty excited when talking about GC Advantage. The practice of law has been around for generations… In talking to business owners, what I’m finding is that the model of an attorney’s hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours they work – It [can be] a bit antiquated.” He further emphasized, “GC Advantage is a comprehensive legal program, but it sets the billable rate at a flat monthly fee.” 

However, Elio highlighted that there’s a prevalent misconception in the startup industry that consistent legal services may not be necessary. When asked about the necessity of ongoing legal services and advice for startup companies, Demetrius explained: 

“At the end of the day, our job is to provide information to use as a founder, as a builder, as an entrepreneur, so that you can make better decisions for your business… If you have a partner along that journey with you, it’s much easier to establish a relationship so that when things are going rough, or not going so well, it’s an easier communication.”  

In discussing the role of attorneys in client-attorney partnerships for startups, Demetrius highlighted the importance of listening and delivering honest advice. He said, “The most important role of an attorney, and especially an attorney that works with startups, is actually listening… In reality, my job is to give you the best, most accurate information so that you as a business owner can make the best decisions for your business. And sometimes, that means telling you the hard truth.” 

Demetrius’ appearance on 614 Startups offered listeners a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights from a seasoned legal professional who understands the complexities and challenges faced by startup companies. Listen to the full episode here 

 You can learn more about Demetrius and his involvement with the GC advantage program here.