KJK Partners Susan Stone and Kristina Supler Discuss Due Process in Title IX Cases on Fraternity Foodie Podcast

August 5, 2022

KJK Attorneys Susan Stone and Kristina Supler recently appeared on Greek University’s Fraternity Foodie podcast to shed light on due process in college sexual assault cases, disciplinary matters and the ever-changing legal landscape associated with Title IX matters.

As Student & Athlete defense Title IX attorneys, Susan and Kristina have dedicated their careers to defending and advising students and professors facing Title IX and other campus misconduct allegations. In recent years, colleges have made efforts to increase awareness and embolden the dialogue surrounding sexual assaults on campuses; however, there is still significant room for improvement.

“It’s important that students understand that consent is a starting point, it’s not an endpoint. So, greater awareness about consent is important, bystander intervention, of course, is something that all adults should be encouraging college students to think about. But those two issues in and of themselves are not going to cure all the issues that happen out there,” explains Kristina Supler.

With many years of experience helping students navigate college misconduct and Title IX matters, Susan and Kristina have represented clients through a wide array of cases. Interestingly, as they mention, each case tends to vary depending on the school or university handling the investigation. Susan Stone explains, “We have a national practice and we’ve dealt with colleges all over the country. We have seen colleges over the years get better and better at their job, and there are some wonderful Title IX Directors across the country… when it goes well, the process works.”

“A lot of the time, it doesn’t go well,” adds Kristina. “We’ve had case where we joke, but it’s actually not funny at all, but the tech guy is making the decision as to whether a policy was violated or not.”

When asked about the efforts that can be made on college campuses to improve the overall campus culture and help prevent these types of cases from happening in the future, Kristina offered, “We’re not saying don’t have fun, don’t drink… We’re realistic about what goes on in college, but there’s a way to make things more safe.”

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