Client Alert: Phone Update Needed To Patch Dangerous iPhone Exploit

Joe Beck
September 17, 2021

(Video above from Reuters)

A dangerous iPhone exploit has recently been discovered that allows an attacker to take control over any iPhone without the end user clicking on anything – simply by receiving a certain type of text message. Apple quickly released a security update as soon as this exploit was discovered and issued a recommendation that all iPhone users update their iPhone immediately.

To do so, navigate to Settings-> General -> Software Update. Then, select “Install Now.” Note that your phone may be unavailable for 10 minutes or so while the update installation takes place.

It appears this specific hack was used to target high profile individuals and likely will not be used on the average American; regardless, it is essential that users update their iPhone (and other Apple devices) immediately.

The party responsible for discovering this exploit method is NSO – a company based in Israel that claims to only provide these types of exploits to governments that are trustworthy, and claims its goal is to give these resources for “fighting terror and crime.” However, this exploit was used to load ransomware on the phones of activists and journalists.


The speed at which technology is developing often leaves security wanting. The Israeli based company spent millions researching and developing this no-click exploit. Most companies do not have the resources to keep up with consumer demand while properly testing all aspects of security in their products. The general public demands the next version, the next software or the next hardware at a break-neck pace, or else they threaten to move on to the next best thing. Companies are forced to keep up.


It seems apparent that these types of exploits and hacks will continue to make headlines moving forward.