KJK Client Josie Maran Takes Suit Against Rogue Amazon Reseller to New York

August 17, 2020

Aug. 17, 2020 (NEW YORK) – In a crucial stand against unauthorized resellers on Amazon, Josie Maran has moved its case against Shefa Group LLC, dba Morning Beauty from the California court system to New York.

Originally filed in the California Central District Court in Los Angeles, the suit claims that Morning Beauty has violated the trademark of Josie Maran by selling products on Amazon that are “materially different” from products sold by the company or its authorized resellers. Due to procedural issues and delays in the California courts unrelated to the merits of the case, Josie Maran is moving to the Eastern District of New York. Josie Maran is confident in its case and believes the EDNY will lead to a favorable and expeditious resolution.

The items sold by Morning Beauty at Amazon are coming from an unknown source and do not appear to be handled in accordance with Josie Maran’s stated quality controls. Moreover, Josie Maran’s warranty policy states that it will not honor the product warranty for goods bought from someone outside of its authorized channels. As such, products sold by Morning Beauty do not come with Josie Maran’s consumer warranty. Nevertheless, Morning Beauty continues to list such products as “New” in violation of Amazon’s Seller Terms.

A win in this suit for Josie Maran would be a win for other brands combatting rogue resellers, as many have experienced these same struggles on Amazon’s marketplace.

The lawsuit is being brought by Kohrman Jackson & Krantz LLP. If you have questions or would like to discuss further, please reach out to attorney Alex Jones at aej@kjk.com or 216.736.7241.


About Josie Maran

Model turned beauty entrepreneur, Josie Maran pioneered her Argan Oil-based namesake brand in 2007 to challenge those who didn’t believe a beauty line could be both high performance and healthful. Since then, Josie Maran has pushed innovation boundaries with dozens of best-selling skin-first clean formulations, while always staying true to Josie’s core brand beliefs of being earth-first, women-led, and powered by love.


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