Stone & Supler Discuss LSU Case With USA Today

June 19, 2020

KJK Student & Athlete Defense/Title IX attorneys Susan Stone & Kristina Supler Speak With USA Today Regarding Their Representation of a Suspended LSU Football Player.

Former LSU football player sues university over his suspension, claims rights violated

By Glenn Guilbeau, USA Today

BATON ROUGE, La. — A former LSU football player filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against the university for its “unjust and discriminatory decision” to suspend him from the team after a female student said he forced her to have sex.

The federal lawsuit states LSU officials investigated a claim by a female student that the football player had non-consensual sexual intercourse with her on the night of Jan. 23 in Baton Rouge. The player learned of the complaint on Feb. 4 and was suspended two days later from the team by LSU head coach Ed Orgeron. The player was later found responsible for a policy violation by the school, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, only refers to the player as John Doe.

Attorneys are asking that LSU reinstate their client to the football team; restore his full athletic scholarship; remove all references to the suspension from his academic record; issue a declaration that LSU’s process is unlawful; and award such other relief as the court may deem just and proper.

“We’re not going to have any comment,” LSU general counsel attorney Winston DeCuir said Thursday. “We just received that lawsuit. At this time, we don’t have any comment on pending litigation. We haven’t even had a chance to discuss it.”

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