Introducing KJK Today: Year-End 2018

January 9, 2019

We are pleased to present the latest issue of our revamped newsletter KJK Today: Year-End 2018Here is a quick look inside at a few stories you will find:

3 | Client Spotlight: Gillmore Security

When Alan Gillmore Jr. entered the residential security market in 1971, there wasn’t much of a market to speak of. Most large security companies were focused on commercial clients, but Gillmore thought residential security systems would be the wave of the future. So when Alan Jr. saw an ad in the Wall Street Journal for Westinghouse Home Security Systems, he signed on as its first franchisee in Cleveland. His son, Alan III, then teaching English in the inner city, soon joined his father’s fledgling business, making cold calls to homeowners offering an in-home demonstration.


6 | Introducing Connective Counsel

For the last several years, KJK has worked to become one of the most technologically advanced law firms in the world. As part of that mission, and to increase our efficiency and level of service, we looked for a software solution that would focus on your needs, providing you with access to your files and resources that you need to run and grow your business. When we realized it didn’t exist, we decided to create it ourselves.


8 | Practice Spotlight: Economic Development and Student & Athlete Defense 

Economic Development:
As a firm with proud roots in Cleveland, KJK’s Economic Development Practice is dedicated to supporting economic growth in communities here and throughout the state. Led by Partner Laura Englehart, our Economic Development team serves businesses looking to establish, expand, consolidate or relocate; developers planning their next big project; or municipalities seeking to attract such businesses and developers. Learn more: kjk.com/practices/kjk-build/economic-development

Student & Athlete Defense:
With allegations of campus sexual misconduct on the rise across the country, KJK’s Student & Athlete Defense Practice defends and advises students, athletes and professors nationwide facing Title IX and other campus misconduct accusations. Led by Partners Susan Stone and Kristina Supler, our Student & Athlete Defense team works with clients to ensure that they receive due process and protect their academic and professional careers and reputations. Learn more: studentdefense.kjk.com


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