Ten Tips For Companies in Enforcing (And Defending Against) Non-Competes: Aug. 1 Webinar by Rob Gilmore and Kirsten Mooney

July 26, 2018

Non-CompetesNon-CompetesOn Wed., Aug. 1, 2018, at 10:00 a.m., KJK Partner Rob Gilmore and Associate Kirsten Mooney in conjunction with the Ohio Chamber of Commerce HR Academy will present a webinar titled “Ten Tips For Companies in Enforcing (And Defending Against) Non-Competes.”

Employers regularly enter into non-compete agreements with employees to limit the employee’s ability to work for a competitive employer. This webinar will summarize 5 tips for a company enforcing a non-compete and 5 tips for a company defending against a non-compete. Given significant challenges regarding such agreements, Rob and Kirsten will give tips to employers on either side of the issue regarding appropriate courses of action and the protection of their legitimate business interests.

Click here to registerTo learn more about how your company can enforce and defend against non-competes, contact Rob Gilmore at 216.736.7240 or rsg@kjk.com or Kirsten Mooney at 216.736.7239 or kbm@kjk.com.