2018’s Hot Topics in Employment Law

October 4, 2017

employment law

Big changes are on the horizon in 2018 for employers, and KJK’s Rob Gilmore will share his insights in a webinar hosted by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce’s HR Academy on Oct. 11 titled Hot Topics in Employment Law 2018. Here’s a preview of the topics Rob will discuss:

Class Action Waivers: The U.S. Supreme Court will decide three cases on its 2017-2018 docket that deal with whether class action waivers in arbitration agreements with employees are lawful. The Courts of Appeals have split on the this issue, and the Supreme Court will resolve the dispute.

White Collar Exemption: The white collar exemption rule that was to raise the minimum salary threshold for the white collar exemption has been struck down. Rob will address what employers should do now with regard to overtime regulations.

Joint Employment: The NLRB greatly expanded the reach of “joint employment” in its Browning Ferris decision. The courts, the NLRB and Congress are now all in the mix to sort this out.

Marijuana in the Workplace in Ohio: The Ohio law passed in 2016 legalizing the limited use of medical marijuana for certain medical conditions raises many workplace issues, including enforcement of drug testing and drug-free workplaces, and reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Rob will advise employers on how to respond.

Interested in learning more? Register online for this webinar here or contact Rob Gilmore at rsg@kjk.com or 216.736.7240.


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