KJK Client Alert – Ohio Companies Being Targeted by Sophisticated Cyber Criminals

April 28, 2017

Sophisticated cyber criminals are targeting Ohio-based companies at an increasing rate.  KJK clients have reported an increase in the following criminal activity that we want to bring to your attention.

Cyber criminals are clandestinely monitoring email and network traffic to learn about funds transfer procedures.  Cyber criminals then send fake emails from the CEO or other executives instructing other staff or bankers to initiate fraudulent wire transfers.  Companies should immediately implement secondary security verification steps and take defensive action.

KJK offers clients a complimentary “white hat hacker” external network test to flag vulnerabilities for clients.  KJK can also assist in developing cyber security protocols and provide employee training.  Please contact Stephanie Nord at sdn@kjk.com to schedule a complimentary test or schedule a meeting with KJK’s CyberSecurity Team.  Thank you.