Lane to Present at National Business Institute: Advanced Custody and Support Issues

March 17, 2017

KJK’s Partner Jim L. Lane will be speaking at National Business Institute’s upcoming seminar, Advanced Custody and Support Issues.

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017
CMBA Conference Center
9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
One Cleveland Center
1375 East Ninth Street #2
Cleveland, OH 44114

Program Description
Gain Real-World Practice Strategies and Tools You Can’t Find in the Books

You know what the law says – but what factors really matter to the courts’ determination of parenting time and custody? How do you strategically proceed if you receive an unfavorable custody evaluation? Our seasoned faculty will walk you through the messier aspects of parenting and support matters to provide you with operative knowledge, tips and tools you can utilize in your practice. Get your most burning questions answered by a judge; find out how to negotiate and draft creative parenting plans for dynamic situations; explore complex support calculation issues and much more. Take your practice to the next level and smoothly traverse some of the stickiest child-related issues in family law – register today!

  • Find out what factors judges are really looking at in parenting cases.
  • Navigate the in’s-and-out’s of negotiating and drafting workable parenting plans.
  • Discover how to update child support when a party’s circumstances change.
  • Understand child evaluators’ testing tools and find out how to successfully challenge unfavorable reports.
  • Become a power user of the child support worksheet by picking up valuable tips and tricks.
  • Avoid seemingly innocuous parenting plan provisions that lead to conflicts down the road.
  • Explore how recent developments regarding the rights of same sex and unmarried couples impact your practice.
  • Gain strategies for proving alienation when you realize it’s occurring.
  • Walk through complex UIFSA and UCCJEA hypotheticals so you can navigate these issues on your own.
  • Develop an effective case strategy for fighting against false abuse allegations.

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