KJK Client Jim Garrett, CEO of Vadxx Energy Meets With President Obama in Cleveland, Ohio

March 3, 2015

KJK’s long standing client, Jim Garrett – CEO of – Vadxx Energy had the pleasure of meeting with President Obama on March 18, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. The President was speaking in Cleveland at an event and prior to that speech, Vadxx had an opportunity to provide the President with an overview of the LibCap-Vadxx Akron, OH plastic to energy plant. The President found of interest that this commercial unit will be the first continuous technology plastic to energy facility in the US. Discussion with the President also occurred (not shown) on how the US federal government and Vadxx can work in partnership on other issues in the future. Vadxx reviewed with the President that by recycling waste plastics (+90% going into landfills), Vadxx can help reduce US oil imports by as much as 7%.

Click here to watch the c-span video of Vadxx CEO Jim Garrett meeting with President Obama.