Carr Returns to Lorain Port Authority Board

February 25, 2013

Senior Counsel Connie Carr returns as a member of the Lorain Port Authority’s board of directors.  Click here to read more about Connie’s appointment.

LORAIN — Connie Carr, will return as a member of the Lorain Port Authority’s board of directors after Mayor Chase Ritenauer appointed her to replace Douglas Miles, whose term has expired. Carr served on the Port board from 2000 to 2007.

“It’s a fun board; I absolutely love it, but it can be time consuming,” Carr said. She said she previously wanted to take time away from the Port Authority to focus on her career. But the Port Authority work got into her blood, Carr said, and now she feels recharged to return.

“Quite frankly, I missed it,” she said.

Carr also has served on the boards of the Lakeshore Community Credit Union and Fast Track Cycling, a Cleveland-based nonprofit establishing an indoor cycling facility in northern Ohio.

She earned her law degree at the Washington College of Law at the American University and works at the firm Kohrman Jackson & Krantz PLL in Cleveland.

Carr also has a bachelor’s degree from Cedarville University and has studied at the Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems at Georgetown University.

Carr described herself as an Elyria native who defected to Lorain, Elyria’s northern rival, where she has lived since 1998.

“I love Port Fest, I always have, and I’m a huge fan of the fireworks,” Carr said. “I never miss Lorain’s fireworks, ever, ever, ever.”

The Port Authority can facilitate more recreation and economic development in the International City, Carr said.

“There’s no excuse for it not to become the jewel of Lake Erie,” Carr said. “There’s so much potential.”

Miles is an Admiral King High School alumnus who made his career in the Air Force. He was appointed in summer 2011 by former Mayor Tony Krasienko.”