When an organization suffers a cybersecurity incident, including a breach of internet privacy, it can result in significant expenses. From containing the incident to private lawsuits and lost business, a cyber incident can upend your business. Working with the experienced data privacy and security attorneys at KJK can help you minimize these risks.

We help organizations identify and address internet privacy and cybersecurity risks to ensure you are ready to respond when a breach occurs. With ever-evolving regulations, we help clients navigate the complexities of managing their cybersecurity and online privacy and adapt to their changing obligations.

Regardless of your industry, you’re vulnerable to security and internet privacy breaches and other cyber attacks. KJK’s cybersecurity, data breach and privacy attorneys are well-versed in the risks in today’s cyber world and can help you prevent and respond to data breaches and other cyber incidents, so you are prepared for any situation.

Important to Consider:

Data Breach Response Plans and Litigation

Having a data breach response plan, also referred to as a cyber incident response plan, is paramount to quickly responding to a cyber attack. Failure to develop or implement a response plan can have detrimental consequences both legally and financially. At KJK, we are experienced in putting together data breach response plans and working with incident response teams to prepare you and your team for any cyber threat.

When drafting a response plan, several key organizational members must be involved in the development. An organization’s executives and its IT, HR, legal, compliance and communications teams should have a seat at the table. We work with members of these teams to help assign specific roles in the event of a cyber incident to easily understand the plans in place, allowing them to address the threat quickly.

Everyone involved should play a role in drafting the plan’s key provisions, including checklists and automated procedures that dictate what to do in the event of a data breach. Some key components of the plan our legal professionals can help develop include documenting member roles and responsibilities, a communication plan and the tools needed to respond to potential cyber incidents. At a minimum, the plan will incorporate applicable laws and regulations, data breach triggers, emergency contacts and information to include in reporting requirements.

If someone sues you for data breaches, contact the team at KJK. Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating data security breach actions. Should you experience a breach, we can help defend and manage data breach litigation and other disputes, no matter how complex, and assist with electronic discovery throughout the process.

Important to Consider:

SOC, HITRUST and Other Certification Guidance

At KJK, we also provide knowledgeable legal guidance on certification related to system and organization controls, or SOCs, HITRUST and other critical cybersecurity certifications. We can help you develop and refine your Written Information Security Program (WISP) while ensuring compliance with the NIST Cybersecurity framework and with SEC cybersecurity guidances.

HITRUST Certification

HITRUST is another certifiable and recommended framework used to help manage risk. It is used widely among health networks because it provides an integrated security approach that ensures compliance with HIPAA security requirements. If your company is in the healthcare industry, our cybersecurity and internet privacy lawyers can counsel you on whether HITRUST Certification is a smart certification for you and what steps you and your team will need to take to get certified.

System and Organization Controls Certification

SOC involves a series of controls designed to measure how well a company regulates its information. When an organization receives SOC certification, this means an independent certified public accountant has audited them and declared they have the proper SOC procedures in place.

Whether you want to pursue SOC 1, 2 or 3 level certifications, our legal team can advise on all the requirements you must meet to protect clients’ data and become certified.

Other Certifications

There are several growing cybersecurity certifications available to IT and other professionals whose organizations want to equip their employees with cybersecurity knowledge. From certified cloud security professionals to certified information security managers, our attorneys can offer knowledgeable legal advice on which certifications can help boost your company’s cybersecurity know-how.

Helpful information:

Privacy and Security Policies, Procedures, and Forms

Besides document retention policies and procedures, the attorneys at KJK are intimately familiar with crucial privacy and security policies, procedures and forms that can help prepare your business for any cyber threat.

These policies are essential for public companies or organizations that work in heavily regulated industries like healthcare, insurance or finance. With inadequate security policies and procedures in place, your company risks incurring large and costly penalties.

With our guidance, small, medium and large firms can meet IT security standards, reducing the chance of cyber security litigation. Having the proper systems in place will not only protect your organization if there is a privacy breach and you lose consumer data, but it will also help protect your company’s credibility and public image.

How We Can Help:

Reviews and Audits of Third Parties & Vendors

Security Contract Review

Because your security relies on third parties – vendors, suppliers, developers, cloud providers and software engineers, you need to have a comprehensive risk management program which includes ensuring not only that your own systems and devices are secure, but also that those of any third party with access to your data or customer data are secured, and that you have the ability to audit such security. KJK’s trained attorneys can review or develop SaaS agreements, data sharing and data access agreements, and other contract vehicles which will help ensure that your data and that of your customers is secure no matter where it is located.

Insurance Review

Security risk management is more than just contracts and technologies. Data breach insurance, data breach notification, data theft, business email compromise and fraud, ransomware and extortionware, critical document and critical personnel extortion and exposure, revenge porn against key personnel, social media attacks, spoofing, insider threats and other forms of attack require unique forms of insurance, forensics and cyber response. KJK can help navigate these complex forms of insurance to make sure that your company has the most affordable and comprehensive policies to meet your risk profile.

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Prepare for Cyber Threats with KJK

The team at KJK can help you understand the unique security issues that relate to your business and protect you from cyber risks and assist in the event of litigation. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you discover, investigate, remediate and report breaches.