Complex Construction Project Attorneys

The complex construction project attorneys at KJK are experienced in residential, commercial and transportation construction legal cases. We can assist you in preparing construction contracts and managing negotiations, as well as with mediation or arbitration for dispute resolution proceedings. Additionally, our construction attorneys can help with the construction draw process (i.e. assist with reviewing lien waivers from subcontractors and approving payments).

Our other services include handling AIA agreements, complex project counseling, construction litigation, land use development, construction lien management, delay and acceleration claims, and construction litigation/arbitration. 

At KJK, our complex construction project attorneys can provide counsel to a vast range of professionals in the industry, including subcontractors, excavators, residential home builders, trade associations, architects, engineers, landscapers, public officials, project managers and more.

Our team is always striving to reach fair solutions throughout all stages of a construction project. We can represent contractors, developers or construction managers, with our construction attorneys making business savvy suggestions for a quick and effective resolution for projects in dispute.

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The Role of an Attorney in Complex Construction Projects

A construction attorney is a useful facilitator in complex construction projects and can perform several roles. A significant aspect of an attorney’s contribution to complex construction projects is handling alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

This involves using arbitration, mediation or another method of settling the dispute without resorting to formal litigation, decreasing your company’s costs.

Attorneys are also involved in construction liens, whose purpose is to protect employees from not being paid for completed work. Construction lien regulations are different in various states, and at KJK, we are uniquely experienced in Ohio’s construction liens.

Other tasks that a complex construction project attorney may carry out regarding complex construction projects include communicating with civil authorities for building approval or land use planning permissions, advising on liability issues and drafting or negotiating commercial contracts.

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What We can Do for You

As with all areas of law, construction law frequently uses terms unfamiliar to most people. Our team of professionals can break down all aspects of the legal process for you, so it’s easy to comprehend, and you always know what you’re agreeing to.

Whether that’s reviewing agreements before signing or dealing with more complicated matters like a dispute resolution, we’re here every step of the way to guide you.


Attorneys at KJK can help with construction financing. Complex construction project attorneys have experience making claims against surety bonds, contract security and letters of credit. We can advise you on the best way to structure loan transactions, regulatory compliance and other financing arrangements.

Our team can pursue and defend construction claims related to a lien, breach of trust and labor claims.

Land Use Development

Land use development or land use planning refers to a central authority regulating the use of a land plot. The reason this is so heavily regulated is to protect the existing resources, ensuring they’re used effectively and benefit the people living in the region.

Land use development is a critical step in the process of any construction or development project. Attorneys can communicate with builders, contractors, investors, federal government representatives or property owners to resolve disputes and help push a construction project forward smoothly.

Lien Management

The term lien refers to a legal claim to property that stands until a debt is settled or paid. The person who holds this claim is the lienholder. The lienholder may take legal action to settle debt related to the property. In this way, liens serve as an assurance for the lender if the borrower defaults on the loan.

Construction attorneys can help homeowners handle a construction lien management dispute and manage lien management disputes between companies and subcontractors.

AIA Agreements

An AIA agreement refers to an American Institute of Architects contract. These agreements protect architects who are hired to come onboard a construction project.

A critical aspect of AIA agreements is that they must fairly represent the interests of all parties involved, so it favors nobody more than another. Complex construction project attorneys from KJK are seasoned pros who understand the nuances of said agreements and can help with the drafting and review process.

Contract Review

Construction lawyers are a valuable resource for reviewing your contracts with subcontractors or other clients to ensure they are balanced, they properly disperse risk, and that there are lien provisions in place. An attorney can also review construction contracts to ensure there are methods included for handling potential disputes.

Complex Construction Project Attorneys

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The team of complex construction project attorneys at KJK offers a vast range of services that can benefit your construction projects, whether you’re a large corporation or an independent contractor. Call us today to work with a skilled attorney from our Construction & Trades group.