KJK Attorney Melissa Yasinow and Husband Featured in Cleveland Jewish News

July 20, 2016

yasinowKJK’s Melissa A. Yasinow and her husband, Matt Shupe, were featured in Cleveland Jewish News. Carlo Wolff, author of “Nuptials: Matt Shupe and Melissa Yasinow, Lawyers in love have each other’s back,” talks about the couple’s relationship, history and wedding day.

“Matthew Shupe and Melissa Yasinow, who are lawyers in love, found themselves flying over southern New Zealand last fall, scanning territory Peter Jackson used while directing his “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy. These hardworking attorneys were having the time of their lives, far from home and lost in fantasy.

“One of the coolest parts” of their three-week honeymoon was taking a small prop plane to “fly by the mountain where Gandalf fought the Balrog,” Melissa said. She conjured Shupe sitting on his hands, headphones on, “geeking out” and screaming, “This is madness! This is madness!” as they flew over mountains known as the Southern Alps.”

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