Yasinow Featured on CNN.com for building an online presence with Democracy.com

December 17, 2013

“Associate Melissa Yasinow was featured on CNN.com for her campaign website in “One stop shopping for candidates online,” written by Leigh Ann Caldwell. Melissa was one of the first people in the country to build an online presence with Democracy.com, a new business that can provide first time and local candidates with comprehensive websites.

Prime shopping season might be underway this holiday season, but candidate shopping might be a little easier for voters next campaign season.

Melissa Yasinow, 28, was born and raised in suburban Cleveland Heights, Ohio, which has a population of about 46,000 people.

Yasinow is so vested in her town that she decided to run for city council. To help her run her campaign, she enlisted family and friends.

Yasinow did what any serious candidate would do. She engaged voters, planned and hosted campaign events and solidified a platform.

It was a tall order for her and her loyal team of helpers who all simultaneously held down full time jobs. But she had checked all the boxes of a traditional campaign.

She ultimately won, but an aspect of modern campaigning was missing and not within her reach.

Daunting for the political novice and attorney was creating an online presence.

While the millennial is an avid user of social media and the Web, she had no idea how to build a website, calling it “completely overwhelming.” Plus, she didn’t have the time or campaign cash to maintain it and update it.

“I tried to set up a website and it’s not something that’s easy to do,” she said, acknowledging that a candidate must have a social presence to engage voters.

Businesses and brands are much more successful when there’s a website. It’s no different for political candidates.”