Client Spotlight:
“KJK has offered us business guidance in setting up and maintaining our legal frameworks, as well as invaluable exposure to its clients and partners. As we move into our post-launch phase and shift our focus to getting the game out into the world, we look forward to working even more closely with KJK to explore options and opportunities, and take advantage of their valuable business advice.”
- Dan Seery, President

Nearly five years ago, a small team found themselves in the early stages of creating an engaging and immersive Virtual Reality (VR) game. With two program developers, two filmmakers and a composer at the helm, Dr. BLOC set off on their efforts to push the boundaries with an otherwise new and developing piece of technology, aiming to explore the new types of gameplay that had recently become possible with the advent of VR. In 2023, the company’s first game, STRAYLIGHT, was launched.

Finding themselves on the cutting edge of game deign, Dr. BLOC’s game, STRAYLIGHT, is one of the only VR games where you can move freely around with little to no motion sickness; the entire game is built around that revolutionary mechanic. Of course, being on the cutting edge of the gaming world requires focus and clarity, and on top of designing their first game, Dr. BLOC was also starting up as a business.

“KJK was incredibly helpful and supportive of us as we were starting out. They helped us get the business side of our business set up so we could concentrate on game design. They also provided us with several opportunities to showcase the game to their partners and clients, and in all respects have supported us above and beyond anything we could have hoped for!”

Our KJK team was able to assist Dr. BLOC in their evolutionary phase, helping them to navigate their start-up and protect their brand and business.

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