Client Spotlight:
Kappus Company
“KJK’s assistance with our recent successful acquisition was integral to our growth strategy.”
- John Kappus, President

In 1969, the founder and CEO of the popular fast-food chain, Wendy’s, was in search of a frozen dairy treat to add to his menu of hamburgers and fries. Along came Kappus Company’s Chairman, Fred Kappus, who proposed the now iconic Frosty recipe. Over fifty years later, Cleveland-based Kappus Company still supplies Frosty machines to Wendy’s restaurants all over the world.

Founded in 1948, Kappus Company’s goal has remained consistent: to be the most respected and trusted equipment and service provider in the industry by its employees, customers and partners. Kappus Company is passionate about creating opportunity and prosperity for its people and customers, providing customers with a turn-key solution that meets their needs for equipment, service, parts, preventative maintenance, warranty, strategic business reviews and product/marketing resources.

Over the years, Kappus Company has seen significant growth, but this growth is not without challenges. When asked about the company’s single biggest challenge, John Kappus mentioned:

“Kappus Company has endless growth opportunities for our service operations. Finding quality service technician candidates is currently our biggest challenge.”

Our KJK team was able to assist Kappus Company in a recent complex acquisition that resulted in 40% first-year growth in the targeted business unit.

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