KJK Programs

In addition to KJK Connective CounselSM, KJK offers a variety of programs tailored to fit your needs. Let us know how we can make these programs work for you!

You need growth capital or a new banking relationship. Lenders are looking for smart investment opportunities. Let us handle the complicated banking and financing transactions so you can do what you’re best at and grow your company. KJK Capital helps growing companies like yours find the best sources of capital for you, as a matchmaker. We are highly skilled negotiators and will obtain the most favorable terms for your needs. We serve a role that’s rare to find in a law firm — serving as the same advisor from initial search to closing the deal, fueled by our vast network of relationships with banks and other lenders. We will provide you with multiple proposals for your financing needs from our network of capital resources and guide you through the process of selecting the best choice for your objectives. With KJK as your partner, you’ll make the connections you need to finance that next project or acquisition or to fund your next stage of growth.

To learn more about what KJK Capital can do for your business, please contact our KJK Capital Practice Leader, Anne Corrigan at atc@kjk.com or 216.736.7227.

An innovative cloud-based portal that allows clients to store and access key documents and effectively manage projects.

Provides “white hat” penetration testing paired with IT and HR training to help clients protect their organizations from cyberattacks.

A comprehensive review of business and legal risk factors led by a team of KJK attorneys.

Launching a start-up can feel like navigating an obstacle course. What’s the right corporate structure for my new business? What’s the right way to secure financing, and how do I access those sources? What do I need to do when hiring my first employee? Who can I turn to for help when I have questions? KJK Start-Up provides the guidance you need to take your new business from formation to funding to flourishing. It’s more than just legal advice; we have the connections you need to navigate every phase of growth. And we do it within a budget that’s scaled to your needs and resources.