CyberSecurity & Internet Privacy

With nearly every company being vulnerable to data security breaches, distributed denial of service (DDoS) and other cyber-attacks, KJK’s CyberSecurity & Internet Privacy team assists in identifying and addressing  information security risks for our clients.

Cyber incidents are growing in frequency and severity and regulators around the world have implemented changes in laws or regulations to address these heightened risks.  There is an evolving body of laws and regulations that relate to the collection, storage, protection and use of electronic data (“CyberLaw”).  For example the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Division of Corporation Finance issued guidance on CyberSecurity disclosures under the federal securities laws and advised that companies “should review, on an ongoing basis, the adequacy of their disclosure relating to CyberSecurity risks and cyber incidents” and that appropriate disclosures may include, a “[d]escription of relevant insurance coverage.”  Amidst increased exposure to such risks, companies need assistance in handling security breaches and preventing future CyberSecurity threats.

Our team can perform a preliminary assessment with our clients to identify their potential legal exposure by drafting internal policies and procedures and contractual provisions regarding discovery, investigation, remediation and reporting of breaches.

Our CyberSecurity & Internet Privacy team can assists clients with:

Focus Area

Insurance Coverage

A complete understanding of a company’s insurance program is key to maximizing protection against cyber risk.  Our team will review your current policies of insurance and determine whether and to what extent you may need additional coverage.  Additional coverage could include risks related to third party data breaches or attacks, business interruption and coverage that expressly and sufficiently address your electronic data and systems including the costs associated with restoring, updating or replacing business assets stored electronically.  Our team can assist in obtaining coverage for various types of cyber risks, considering the adequacy of existing insurance programs and analyzing new insurance products.