Leasing practice group

KJK’s Real Estate Leasing Team has extensive experience negotiating real estate leases and subleases for a wide range of properties on behalf of both landlords and tenants. Waivers of subrogation, tenant improvement allowances, environmental risk allocation, assignment and subletting rights and landlord remedies are just a few of the issues that must be understood and dealt with in the context of negotiating a commercial lease. In addition, our real estate attorneys have a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for the business issues that arise in lease negotiations, including base rent structures and the use of “pass-through” provisions to accomplish the landlord’s financial objective.

Our Real Estate Leasing attorneys represent the interests of landlords and owners throughout a property’s life cycle, and we frequently review and provide input on various agreements that may impact client assets as the project develops. For owners and landlords of existing properties, we assist with development and negotiation of leases, reciprocal easement agreements and covenants, conditions and restrictions, lease administration, construction, redevelopment, coordination with franchisors, property management issues, rent restructuring/co-tenancy discussions, landlord/tenant disputes, responses to SNDA and estoppel requests, modifications related to tenant financing, and lease terminations.

Moreover, given the current economic landscape, our lawyers are on the front line of the distressed lease situation, helping both tenants and landlords renegotiate, terminate, and/or work out the specific burdens they face. When necessary, our real estate attorneys guide clients through reorganization, bankruptcy, and/or litigation by working closely with attorneys in our litigation, bankruptcy, and finance practices.

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