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Collaborating with a team of criminal, education and employment lawyers, KJK’s Reputation Management attorneys work to preserve the reputation of clients who have been tried in the court of public opinion.

Our firm has defended students and professionals accused of sexual harassment, various forms of sexual misconduct, rape and scientific and/or research misconduct. We have also represented executives and other employees who have been accused of workplace wrongdoing and misconduct, including sexual harassment, employment discrimination, workplace violence and financial improprieties. In the past, we have served as student advisors in Title IX hearings, defense attorneys for criminal prosecutions and employment lawyers handling severance negotiations when careers are threatened. All of these proceedings that threaten the careers and liberty of our accused clients require diplomacy and precision.

Sadly, more and more of our clients have been tried in the court of public opinion through social media. We have watched careers ruined and reputations destroyed by a simple tweet or post. Many times, accusers have even used posts that threaten to file a charge in the criminal justice system as a scare tactic to prevent our clients from pursuing their careers.

In these cases, our Reputation Management attorneys work together with a team of criminal, education and employment lawyers to mount an offensive to preserve the reputation of our clients. We first try to cooperate with the employer to resolve the issues. If that can’t be done, we often send a strongly worded cease and desist letter. Other times, we file defamation actions in state and federal courts. When we file suit, we ask that the court provide both injunctive and monetary relief. In one situation, we even asked that the perpetrator of the defamatory remarks post an apology on the very sites where our client was defamed. Each matter requires the right team of professionals to craft a highly individualized strategy to rebuild and repair the damaged reputation of our clients.

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