Mission & Values

To be the connection people want to make.

Our Values

  • Be Intentionally Nimble
    Speed without purpose is reckless. Purpose without speed is inefficient. We are nimble, thoughtful and thorough. The quality and speed of our work mirrors the pace at which our clients operate. Good lawyers understand the law. Great lawyers understand how law moves business forward.
  • Convene the Right People
    Great cities are built when public and private sectors come together. KJK understands what it takes – and assembles who it takes – to cooperatively drive change that positively impacts our community.
  • Drive Legacies
    Legacies aren’t built by accident. From one-on-one personal counsel to high-profile community events we are shaping Cleveland’s narrative. We are holistic thinkers who bring creative solutions to every table. We see the big picture – that’s why we focus on all of the little details along the way.