Events / 08.19.2016

Lane Presenting at National Business Institute: Advanced Family Law

Thursday, September 22, 2016
8:30 AM to 4:40 PM
CMBA Conference Center
One Cleveland Center
1375 E 9th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114

Program Overview:

Family law is growing increasingly more complex. The potential complications of high-wealth or high-conflict divorce can intimidate some attorneys into shying away from such cases. Do you have the skills to step up to the plate? We’ve compiled the most confounding and involved issues you’re likely to encounter in your practice and put our attorney faculty to the task of demonstrating how to successfully tackle them. Gain from their collective experience – enroll today and sharpen your professional edge!

  • Explore the most difficult areas of family law practice and get solutions from judges and seasoned attorney faculty.
  • Protect the rights of cohabitating couples and clarify the boundaries of such protection in the eyes of the law.
  • Get the latest updates on paternity law in recent court decisions.
  • Protect the victim: stop effects of domestic violence from upsetting the balance of power in divorce proceedings.
  • Effectively dispute false allegations of abuse to help your client fight for custody.
  • Obtain the best settlement for your client by conquering the division of complex assets.
  • Suspect the opposing spouse is hiding assets? Learn how to track them down and include them in the settlement.
  • Get tips on effectively arguing for and against contempt orders.
  • Get new tactics for enforcement, modification and termination of child support and spousal maintenance.
  • Make the best use of forensic accountants and valuation experts to ensure all assets are on deck at the time of settlement.
  • Safeguard clients from allegations of financial misconduct with timely advice on the consequences of their spending.
  • Understand the unique nuances that arise when helping military clients through a divorce.

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For more information contact Jim L. Lane at or 216-736-7201.